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WHI Workshop reports

Shooting Report WHI 2021-04-14


Date / Time: 2021-04-14 / 9h to 13h (4h)


Item(s) Shooted (Reference Code(s)): Mark IV LODESTAR III (Vehicule#1110216)

Location: BRUSSELS (Exhibited)

Section (if relevant) : E (ENGINE)

Shooting Summary

Preproduction actions performed (1h)

  • Cleanup of Internal Rear corridor floor from visitors garbage
  • Installation of Led Panels suspended from Roof Hatch

Contents Production :

  • Shooting of Rear Door from inside
  • counterpart of Rear Door from outside
  • Caterpillar tracks Chain lateral cavity
  • Radiator
  • Gas Pump Tank
  • Rear 6 pounds ammunition storage tubes
  • Left Sponson additional views and panorama
  • Left Sponson turret rotation stop-motion animation experience
  • Left Engine Side with Gun Turret
  • Clutch cavity

Total raw pics produced: 60

Successful Panoramic Views Rebuilt: 4

360° Equirectangular shots/rebuilds: 0

Total pics delivered: 65

Nb of Cameras: 3

Camera Types: Smartphone(x), Fuji XT1, Canon 5Ds


Crew got dizzy a day after the shooting, probable bad dust quality inside the tank caused by cleaning operations. Hygiene Caution required. Improvement of cleaning and crew protection to be discussed for future similar actions.


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