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Objet Témoin for European Days of Archeology 2022 in Gargas Prehistoric Caves

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Our team will be in Gargas Prehistoric caves near Lourdes in French Pyrénées by June 18th 2022 for a very special day of public and free workshops. Along this journey, well organized by Neste Barousse Municipalities and smartly organized by Heidi Fontas we will animate exhibition and activities based on the cave paintings of this peculiar historical monument of heritage... from more than 10K years ago !

During the last Ice Age when prehistoric nomad tribes were gathering there, they left a vibrant memory of their interests, the animals they met and hunted, and numerous painted hands. Many activities will occur during this day well titled "The Call of Silex" :

  • with Karine Pérès, Historical guide and transmission specialist from Thalassa team in France, who will vividly tell the story of the tribe's youth and the discovery of silex cutting tools
  • with Solène Lelièvre, from Brussels team of Objet Témoin and Forget-me-not project, who will recreate the stunning engravings of Ice age Animals in our family workshops
  • with François Briois, Head of the EHESS master's programme "Arts and cultures of prehistory and protohistory: Europe, Africa", co-habilitated with the University of Toulouse II., who will demonstrate Silex stone cutting techniques
  • with Béatrix Midant-Reynes, French Egyptologist specialising in the prehistoric period of Egypt, director of research emeritus at the Centre national de la recherche scientifique and who directs the excavations of the predynastic site of Adaïma, and she will share her knowledge of the Silex at Pharao's age

    For More info call :  +33 05 62 98 81 50 (Gargas Caves) or visit Gargas Nestploria

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