Workshop Report WHI 2021-05-17


Date / Time: 2021-04-14 / 9h to 13h (4h)

Crew: Robby HOUBEN, Alicia PIOT-BOUYSSE, Julien VANDANJON-RANCOULE, Larissa Joanna E. Otokiti (Trainee)

Item(s) Shooted (Reference Code(s)): Accessories for Mark IV LODESTAR III (Vehicule#1110216), Lewis Machinegun (Weapon#30572), Crew Mask (Costume#110216), Cap Badge (Accessories#1102407)

Location: BRUSSELS (Storage)

Section (if relevant) : Accessories

Shooting Summary

Preproduction actions performed (1h)

  • Setup Photobooth Table for small accessory still shots
  • Setup Cyclo Booth for Large Machinegun Amplitude and suspension

Contents Production :

  • Shooting of Cap Badge Still shots
  • Shooting of Cap Badge 360° stop motion each 10° (36 shots)
  • Shooting of Flat setup Crew Mask (front side)
  • Shooting of Curved setup Crew Mask (Backside on Pillow)
  • Shooting of Lewis Machinegun 4 sides without Charger + Top View + Bottom View 45°
  • Shooting of Lewis Machinegun 4 sides with Charger
  • Shooting of Lewis Machinegun Marks and Serials Details

Total raw pics produced: 110

Successful Panoramic Views Rebuilt: 0

360° Equirectangular shots/rebuilds: 1

Total pics delivered: 65

Nb of Cameras: 3

Camera Types: Smartphone(x), Fuji XT1, Canon 5Ds


Hanging systems to improve, Sandbags for crew/stands security and quick release hooks for suspension points would be an improvement. 


Tags: WHI, accessory, crew, shooting, studio, equipment, ww1, markIV, badge, machinegun, lewis, tankcorps, mask, details

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