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Objet Témoin

May 2023 : Our new Headquarters in Brussels

We launch a Gallery and Art Rental Library ! Non Peut-Être.Art
Our Mission

The notion of heritage covers a wide range of fields, from ecological niches, to archives, works of art or ancient objects, but also more conceptual objects and "works of the mind" that do not necessarily have a physical manifestation.

Objet Témoin is a laboratory for the study, production and transmission of heritage in the digital age.

What we do

Meet the actors, Challenge the workflows

Since two decades, we explore digital creative opportunities for cultural transmission, pedagogy and museography.
From Reunion Island to Brussels, with local associations, museums, producers, historical monument keepers & public schools, we dig into physical & immaterial heritage and, humbly, contribute to provide simple yet accurate toolboxes for science, education and preservation.

Current Projects Livemap

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Objet Témoin is currently 100% funded by private support and donators. We do not share our data with commercial companies and consider access to our tools and knowledge should stay free for any child, student, public schools and modest heritage institutions around the world.

To keep it like this, we rely on your generous help and implication, shall it be logistics, expertise of financial in nature.

If you are already a fellow support of our activities, thank you. If not, may we ask you to consider becoming one ?

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Objet Témoin ASBL website is proudly curated by J. Vandanjon Consulting - Our work is documented under creative commons license, but some items mentioned and illustrated may be regulated by specific conditions of private collectors, NGOs, foundations and public museums. Please advise. thx.