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Normandy : workshop on foot tracks of D-Day

This Winter we performed a workshop near Cherbourg, France Normandy, with Experienced French Quality Engineer Rodéric Rodulfo. An interesting place to work, with wide open spaces, bright natural lighting and a huge amount of historical remains from World War 2.

Let's dive into this D-Day piece of history in this scarred but beautiful landscape with our digitization toolbox : DJI Mavic Mini 2 drone, Canon EOS 5Ds SLR Camera, iPad Pro LidAr and so on.

3D capture on-site

Expanding our knowledge of digitization process via Apple lidar devices abilities, using for the task the iOS application called Scanniverse which is very intuitive and user-friendly.

Sherman Tank M4 wreckage

The perfect conditions for scanning are gathered with a partly clouded sky avoiding "hard baked" shadows on the ground and excessive contrast on the object features, such as the partly buried canon gun, the half buried tracks in the sand dune and the rear star-shaped engine.

This allows the application to quickly perform the wreckage shape and apply consistent flat texture onto it's surface, thus allowing a better density of the final 3D model.

Front light gun porthole

usually a lightweight bow .30 machinegun

Mixed bullet impacts

result both of the original battle and years of service as a target practice for french military infantry

Gunner Seat Head hatch

the front gunner cannot see through the porthole of this quite compact vehicle, a hatch and position of the seat allows firing while seated with the head pointing out

Digitization space limit

the software allows easy resizing of the processing area, keeping the scenery clean and easy to describe

Texture is automatically generated based on photos taken during the laser scan and associated with key anchors. slow movement during capture allows the resulting texture to stay very sharp and accurate, enhancing the final perception of depth of the model.

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