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War Heritage Institute Digitization Benchmark

Ongoing project

Starting in 2020 - Expected conlusion 2023+


The work consists in testing the digitization workflows that can be reproduced by collection managers and/or external service providers. The main criteria expected at the end of the benchmark are :

  • Establish a simple and clear grid of subject typologies = object families
  • Determine the best methods to digitize each family of objects (according to unit cost, fragility, size, weight...)
  • Identify the usual constraints of each family, and propose adapted solutions
  • Determine a realistic average digitization time for each "type of object
  • Determine, in fine, an average logistic cost "per unit" of these workflow

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04 December 2022



Project Lead





whi, ww1, vehicule, digitization, benchmark, museum, belgium, war


To accomplish this task, the following methodology is proposed:

  1. Selection of 3 objects of 3 different sizes and complexities by the museum's conservation teams.
  2. For each object, a common benchmarking process:
    1. Identification of the object and analysis meeting of the constraints and solutions envisaged
    2. Logistical preparation (visit planning, security, equipment, personnel involved...) (MILESTONE*)
    3. Shooting (inside and/or outside, in several times if necessary)
    4. Pre-assembly = quality control of sources (MILESTONE*)
    5. Validation and corrections, documentation of the whole process
    6. Debriefing and delivery of progress report
  3. Operational debriefing and delivery of a joint report.

The Objects

Armored Vehicule Mark IV Tank LODESTAR III

Item #1110216

The Tank is exposed in the Museum WW1 Vehicules exhibition hall, visible to the public from the outside with limited vision of the left sponson inner space through a plexiglass and a limited lightsources. The complexity comes from it's size, weight and global lack of variations in color and texture with poor consistency of surface lighting.

Royal Tank Corps Cap Badge

Item #1102407

This very small piece of metal - centimeter lenght - is usually not exhibited and comes from the stored warehouse collections of the Museum. Digitizing such items offers a great opportunity to provide resource for extended digital museography. Challenge here consists of producing accurate high resolution macrophotography for millimetric handcrafted details.

Chainmail crew mask

Item #202100073

An unexpected discovery and a brilliant testimonial object of the realities of ww1 brave tank crews is this handcrafted mask for protecting the owner from liquified bullet metal rain entering the vehicule under ennemy fire because of the cinetic energy in the collision with the tank armor plates. Digitizing accurately Non self-standing objects like pieces of fabrics and clothing are a significant question for managers.

The Actors

War Heritage Institute

Under supervision of Robby Houben, e-curator of the WHI, the project has also involved, for obvious reasons, the vehicule collection manager, Fabric and Uniforms department and the archives, along the close collaboration with the photo studio. A big thank to Luc for allowing Objet Témoin crews to use his studios and combine photographic and lighting equipment of both our structures.

Workshops Reports

Report nameMeta
Workshop Report WHI 28-11-2022 On site
29 November 2022
Workshop Report WHI 18-11-2022 On site
27 November 2022
Workshop Report WHI 2021-05-17
21 November 2022
Tracing Lodestar III's history
07 July 2021
03 June 2021
#1102407: Cap Badge of the Tank Corps
03 June 2021
Workshop Report WHI 2021-05-02 (2)
12 May 2021
Workshop Report WHI 2021-04-20
05 May 2021
Workshop Report WHI 2021-04-27
05 May 2021
Workshop Report WHI 2021-05-02
05 May 2021

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