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Mars Mission Uc Louvain 2023

Ongoing project

Starting in February 2023 - Expected conlusion 2023+


8 Belgian students in various research fields such as Medicine, Astronomy, Physiology, Particle Physics, Engineering... are gathering to rent the Mars Society Experimental Simulation Habitat in Utah Desert.

While returning, they will animate pedagogic workshops in schools, conferences and publications.

Objet Témoin is supporting the project by co-producing digital media content, and animating a Ulule Crowdfunding to gather money for the experiments and digital transmission material.

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28 February 2023



Project Lead





research, mars, science, experiment, mars society, uclouvain, university, education


To support this inspiring project, Objet Témoin's team will engage various resources :

  1. Production of Video and Photo interviews, project trailers, social portraits.
  2. Gathering amongst our creative crew some Art assets to offer as counterparts for the public Crowdfunding on Ulule:
    1. Create original artworks in relation with the 2023 mission experiments and produce value through limited prints
    2. Establish a counterpart marketing plan and manage couterpart expedition logistics
    3. Assume Ulule Crowdfunding validation and follow up until the crew comes back from the main mission
    4. Help the students Website team and Press officer to illustrate and animate communication campaign
  3. Deliver direct financial support to the project from Objet Temoin internal resources

Digital Objects for Real Impact

A French speaking, culture and science oriented community

for rising extra support

On top of corporate, the public support from Wallonie -Bruxelles International (WBI) or Louvain University, added to students "love money" from their families, covers a significant part of the budget. Still, this adventure is far from cheap. To help spark public awareness and contribute to experimentation and pedagogic transmission material production, it is critical that extra funds are injected.

To make it sexy, Objet Témoin is producing fun and social-media friendly content and keeps the community updated via the Ulule project page.

Inspiring Artworks

Worthit Counterparts for supporters

Inspired by Winsor McCay Little Nemo, famous Pop Culture movie or comic book references, or fully original ideas... The Artists, sometimes with the help of MidJourney AI, ProCreate software and Adobe Creative Suite, are producing a delicate, poetic, and sometimes iconoclast visuals. 

Get a glitch of this process looking at the Raw material in the exchange box below.

Support Sponsorships

and involve private donators

MarsUCLouvain ASBL annual budget for sending the students crew 15 days in Utah, including logistics for vehicle permits, experiment material shipping, travel expanses and rental of the Mars Desert Station is estimated to :

  • Travel cost 9 200 €
  • MDRS fees 8 000 €
  • Experiments 6 800 €
  • Logistics 4 000 €
  • Activities & Advertising 4 000 €

Total Budget 32 000 €

The Actors

Mars Uc Louvain 2023 Crew#279 - Mission ARES

All eight members of the mission are belgian students passionate with space exploration and devoted to explore the boundaries of the final frontier for science and education. This crew is living proof space exploration involves all types of profiles, not only rocket engineers and pilots, but also gardening, musicotherapy, human resources, cooking and psychology.

Project Headlines

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