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Forget-Me-Not a Creole Heritage in Indian Ocean through Artworks & Fashion

Ongoing project Started in 2020 - long lasting project Summary Forget Me Not is a project conceived and developed by the association Objet Témoin ASBL based in Brussels, Belgium. We are very happy to announce that we have been able to federate a network of credible and deserving international associative, private and public actors. Born in 2021 from the research work initiated by the teachers of Capeline-Afac974 on the heritage of the cane workers in...

Mars Mission Uc Louvain 2023

Ongoing project Starting in February 2023 - Expected conlusion 2023+ Summary 8 Belgian students in various research fields such as Medicine, Astronomy, Physiology, Particle Physics, Engineering... are gathering to rent the Mars Society Experimental Simulation Habitat in Utah Desert. While returning, they will animate pedagogic workshops in schools, conferences and publications. Objet Témoin is supporting the project by co-producing digital media content,...

Objet Témoin ASBL website is proudly curated by J. Vandanjon Consulting - Our work is documented under creative commons license, but some items mentioned and illustrated may be regulated by specific conditions of private collectors, NGOs, foundations and public museums. Please advise. thx.